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Bulsby Duncan

Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: What inspired you to create the concept of Alphafit?


Bulsby: I felt there was a need for something new, but fun, as a way to introduce the importance of exercise at an early age. The lack is so apparent: 1 out of 3 kids in America is obese. Since child obesity numbers are rising, it became a mission for me to create a book to tackle the issue. So, I had some friends help me check the market for a book that promotes fitness in children, and we could not find any. After that, I sat down in my living room, drew up some characters, and the life of the book began there. Honestly, I care about this issue, and it needs to be addressed. Alphafit is an original book that can help address the needs of child fitness: There is nothing like it in the market. 


QFTD: How has your experience as a personal trainer helped you with this book?


Bulsby: I work with clients now who are having weight loss surgery. Some are coming off of hip-replacements and other procedures brought on by obesity. Ironically, my older patients all stress that it's important to be active, but because they lacked health education, they are in tough spots. They say to me, "Buzz, I want to be able to walk my kids down the aisle for graduation or their wedding, but I can't. I don't want them to experience what I'm going through when they get older." I feel like, if a healthy lifestyle, filled with exercise, was introduced earlier in my patients' lives, maybe they wouldn't be in their current situation. I want to be proactive and help prevent kids from being in the same unfortunate situation.Uriah: When you travel to schools to share your message, what is that experience like for the kids?Bulsby: They enjoy it a lot because it's something new, fun, and engaging. I've not only visited schools; I have also visited camps. At one camp in Arlington, Va, I was doing activities during their Olympic theme week to help promote exercise. Everything came from Jacob's routine. Anywhere I go, kids love the movement, and the energy they give off is so positive because they love exercising. Also, families and teachers participate, too! Everyone gets in on Jacob's routine.


QFTD: What are you most proud of when it comes to Alphafit?

Bulsby: I am proud that people are starting to listen to my message of activity. It is also rewarding to me that I am able to merge education with fitness. Kids get to learn their letters and numbers as they engage in fitness activities. I am also proud to be in a position to merge my passion for drawing with my knack for helping people get in shape. A lot of people are starting to pay attention to my movement, but I still have work to do. I'm moving in the right direction though, and it feels great.

QFTD: Tell us exactly why a parent should purchase this book for their young child?

Bulsby: Quite simply, it's important to be active and allow a child to begin developing healthy habits. Jacob, one of the main characters in my book, will lead them through the exercises! There is even an instruction manual for their convenience to help guide them through the activities.

QFTD: Any future books or projects? Tell us about them.
Bulsby: In the works, I have several things that will be released. I plan on publishing an animated DVD. I am in the process of finding an animator, so we will see what happens. An ABC's of nutrition book is within reach, too. I even have thought of putting Jacob into his own comic strip. My biggest task is to get my book endorsed by the White House. My message, along with Jacob's, fits exactly with what Michelle Obama is pushing. That would be amazing if The First Lady told kids about Jacob's ABC's of Exercise. All in all, the future is bright!

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