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Keri Mikulski

Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: What inspired you to become a writer?
Keri: Originally, I was inspired to write after I read novels by amazing young adult authors like Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, and Meghan McCafferty. But, it was my middle school students who really inspired me to take the leap toward publication. In fact, they still inspire me today. :)  


QFTD: How do you come up with such great ideas for your books?


Keri: Awe... Thanks... Honestly, I don’t know... But, most of my ideas grow from tiny seeds (dreams, experiences, people I know, situations in real life, books I’m reading, etc...)

QFTD: How has teaching in the classroom impacted your approach to writing?


Keri: I feel I’m definitely a better and stronger writer because I teach the craft. Constantly reading about writing, working with and critiquing students’ work strengthens and challenges me daily as a practitioner. Teaching also allows me to see writing from different angles and perspectives.  

QFTD: What's your ideal writing environment?


Keri: I would love an office that overlooks the beach. However, I’m pretty content in my office (a converted sunroom) adjacent to our living room.  

QFTD: Where do you see your writing career in five years?


Keri: Hmm...I’m so immersed in raising my two girls right now, I haven’t thought that far ahead recently... I’m sure I’ll still be teaching. I also hope to have another book or two out by then... Fingers crossed.   

QFTD: What advice would you give to aspiring writers out there who have to juggle a job, the family, and writing?

Keri: Before I gave birth to my first daughter, a colleague gave me some stellar advice I still think about today. She said – Give 100% where you are in the moment and don’t worry about the rest. In other words, when I’m playing with my kids, I give my girls 100%, when I’m writing, I write with 100% of my energy, and when I’m teaching, I’m giving 100%. And of course, Just do it! :)  

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