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Marie Gilbert

Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: Tell us about yourself. Who is Marie Gilbert?


Marie: I consider myself a storyteller. I am also a mother and a grandmother. I absolutely love to tell stories because my parents would tell me stories about Italy when I was younger. Sitting there listening, we would learn so much! Stories of horror are what drive me because they have always made me use my imagination. 


QFTD: Each week, you write a review for popular tv shows like The Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow. How did you become a contributor to the website, Biff Bam Pop?


Marie: Not too long ago, Glenn Walker, a fellow member of the SJ Writing Group, introduced me to Andy Burns, Editor and Chief at Biff Bam Pop. He had read my story in NJ Strange Tales and asked if I would do a weekly review for his blog. Of course, I said, “Oh yeah!” Next thing I know I am writing reviews for his site. It has been a great experience for me because it forces me to write everyday. I love it!


QFTD: Why pick you for The Walking Dead though? There are so many facets to Biff Bam Pop.


Marie: I think because I am part of the Zombie Squad, which focuses on ways to prepare for disasters, I have the insight to connect with such an intense show. I have always been in tune with how human behavior can change in traumatic situations. When I was growing up, we would participate in bomb drills, hiding under desks. This show has so much drama and makes you wonder what people would actually do if the government ceased to exist after a catastrophe. The storyline of The Walking Dead is incredible!


QFTD: I know. I am a huge fan myself!


Marie: I can’t just look at that show and see merely zombies. There’s so much more to it than some walking dead creatures.

QFTD: Here’s a question for you: what gets you out of bed in the morning?


Marie: Life does. I love life because it offers one adventure after another. When I wake up everyday, I ask myself, “What can I get into today?” I enjoy a life full of grandkids, who I might add won’t let you sit still for too long.


QFTD: You are sort of a horror expert. What would you say are a few of your all-time horror classics?


Marie: From when I was younger, I would start with Frankenstein. Back then, just the thought of bodies being taken from graves was so scary. Then, to have the limbs detached and put back together to make a monster fascinated me. Even though the monster was frightening, you still felt sorry for it. As of lately, I’d say a recent horror flick that left an impression on me was I Am Legend. Because of the idea of genetic mutations and how those creatures were the central focus of that movie, the concept makes me think of how the human race could be the next dinosaurs. And one more movie that would be considered more sci-fi would be The Matrix. Looking at how computers are so prevalent in society, something like The Matrix isn’t too far fetched. I mean, they have satellites that can track people anywhere they go!


QFTD: That makes me think of the movie The Island. Interesting stuff. Next question…since you’ve interviewed so many people for your blog, it would be interesting to know who was your most memorable interview subject. Who would you go with, and why was he or she so unforgettable?


Marie: I’d have to say Jaime Murray from the Syfy show, Defiance, was my most memorable. Probably because she was my first mainstream star interview, I will never forget it. She was so sweet and answered every question I asked. I felt so good after completing the assignment. She was also in the hit show, Warehouse 13. She opened my eyes to how “normal” a tv star can really be.


QFTD: Since you are a horror expert, what is a good horror book that could keep me up at night?


Marie: I’d say The Stand, by Stephen King. I loved it because you get to see how  civilization is destroyed by a virus, but you also had the element of good vs. evil in the plot. He really showed how there can be truly evil people in this world who are not worried about the human race. 





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