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Robin Gorman


Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: Tell us about yourself. Who is Robin Gorman Newman?


Robin: I'd say that I'm a creator. I'm someone who makes things happen. Creating networking groups, books, and even my own niche are things I've done both personally and professionally. Also, I'd say I am a connector because I love to network, share information, and empower people. 


QFTD: You have an impressive list of appearances on shows and features in print. If we go back to when you began your journey in the communications field, what would you say sparked your interest?


Robin: I wasn't sure at first what to pursue career-wise, to be honest. I knew I wanted to write. When I was younger, as early as 5-years-old, I would draw kids books and write stories. I'd actually bind the books and even make the covers. By the time college came around, I didn't have much clarity. I enrolled at Hofstra University as an economics major, minoring in French. Then, while I became the arts editor of a school paper, my love for theater evolved. I wanted to be Frank Rich, The NY Times theater critic. I began doing theater reviews for City Guide Magazine, among others. I decided I could do freelance writing on the side and pursue another profession. I ended up working for Warner Cosmetics in the package development division.  I soon took the initiative to write romance copy for products, making friends with the marketing people. I told them, "I can write." Because I wasn't afraid to speak up, they gave me an opportunity and ultimately chose a name I originated for a Ralph Lauren bag...The Spirited Satchel. I was so thrilled. 


QFTD: Then what happened? 

Robin: I knew my strengths and I put myself in a position to enter the marketing field. Upon finishing college, I was advised that to make it in my new field of interest I had to earn an MBA. So, I went back to school at night. Fortunately, my employer at that time, Eastman Kodak Company, paid for my graduate education. While at Kodak, I ended up writing articles for the corporate newsletter, when they learned I could write and report well. Then, after being a part of my first press conference, I discovered my love for media. I had my picture taken holding the new Kodak 35mm camera being featured at the press conference, and I thought, so this is PR? I had found my calling, at least one of them.


QFTD: One of the many titles you hold, besides PR guru, author, speaker, and brand consultant, is ‘mompreneur.’ Could you elaborate on that for us?


Robin: I identify with that term because I am a self-employed mom. A mompreneur understands the delicate dance of balancing work and family. She would relate to the challenges of working from home because your work never seems to be done. It can be very time consuming, what I do, because PR has become the city that never sleeps. It can be a challenge, establishing work times and closing my office door at the end of the day, but I have to make family time. And though I am grateful to work from home, I do miss the brainstorming aspect of projects, collaborating with other people.  


QFTD: You are also the Associate Producer of a show called Motherhood Out Loud, which ran Off Broadway and has been on tour for some time. The theme of the theatrical play takes humor, insight, and emotions and candidly shares what motherhood is really about. How did you get involved with that project, and how has the experience been for you?


Robin: My experience has been a blast! It has been an exciting venture for me, and I didn't even see it coming. A few years ago, while blogging about motherhood and kid shows, I started to morph; I began blogging about theater in general for those moms who could use a "moms night out." I hit this trend early, and as a result, I found myself in a position to create a business alliance. When I learned about a show in California, that is now known as Motherhood Out Loud, I called the producers to see if they wanted to work with my website. I left a message but didn't hear back from them for some time. When I did, the producers said that the show was coming to NYC, and they wanted to send me the script. After reading it, I said to my husband, "I have to be a part of this."


QFTD: Because of your seasoned experience in PR, you had a lot to bring to the table. They just had to get to know you. 

Robin: Yes. The producers got to know me and realized I could bring to their show my promotional relationships that could lead to broader advertising and marketing. Once I officially got involved, I became a part of the team. It was so much fun! I felt engaged and stimulated because I'd been given a chance to offer creative input. Following special performances, I even had a chance to be on stage, having discussions with the audience. Motherhood Out Loud has been all over the country and has yet to reach its potential. It's going strong and will be done overseas as well.


QFTD: You are an author and a Love Coach, offering clients advice on how to meet the right partner. What makes your services so unique and helpful?


Robin: I felt there was no one resource for it. For someone single trying to figure out where to go to meet people or what to do, it can be tough. And I thought, what if there was something like Zagat's for single people? So, I wrote a piece for New York Magazine called Looking For Mr. Good Dog. The response was great, telling me that New Yorkers needed more. Then, I wrote my first book, How to Meet a Mensch in New York. I wrote it primarily because I want people think outside the box. Also, I am a motivator who tries to get single people to think outside the box, hoping to get them to maximize their socializing efforts. I could have used the type of information I included in my book to guide me during my single days. What is in my book makes me feel like I could've used information to guide me in my single days. I have to mention though that I am not a matchmaker or a therapist. My goal is to make life easier for people who want to pursue quality relationships. I later wrote a second book, How to Marry a Mensch (descent, responsible person).

QFTD: How do you do this? 

Robin: I branded myself as The Love Coach, as I have the confidence to know I can make a difference in people's lives. After recognizing how they want to enhance their lives, I assess their needs, and I help them strategize. I have an ability to point out patterns that others do not recognize for themselves. From there, I am direct with my clients and never sugarcoat anything; if I become the personal trainer for your love life, I have to be. 


QFTD: What other interesting things do you have coming down the road for us to anticipate?


Robin:, my site, is looking for new bloggers, sponsorship, and support. I am still doing PR consulting, open to working in the motherhood industry but not exclusively. There is a play I am working on that has me excited. After recently taking a playwriting class, I participated in a reading of scenes from my work thus far, and it was very cool. Ultimately, I would love for my play to be produced. It would be one of my greatest thrills. To make it happen, I believe I have the capacity.  



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