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Todd Inman

Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: Tell us about yourself. Who is Todd Inman?

Todd: I am a filmmaker from the Philadelphia area who started out as a comedian.  Then, after some consideration, I decided to put my degree in English from Hampton University to good use by screenwriting. Although I had limited background in filming and editing, I began writing and filming commercial specs for well-known brands.


QFTD: You are the CEO of Tinman Creative Solutions. What service do you provide, and what is your company's goal?


Todd: Tinman Creative was founded in 2011. Primarily, we are a creative writing company specializing in clever ads, webisodes, and short/feature films.  Tinman Creative Solutions targets the 18-44, Generation X and Y, multicultural demographics. My goal is to develop scripts and copy for TV, web, or print ads.


QFTD: How did you get involved with delivering stand-up comedy routines?


Todd: I was a standup comedian from 2003-2005, where I toured

Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.  I always wanted to get on stage and entertain an audience. At that time in my life, a circumstance gave me the motivation to try it. I really enjoyed it. Through stand-up comedy, it was fun to interact with crowds and make people laugh.


QFTD: I've heard that becoming a stand-up comic is very challenging because laughter is an involuntary response and audiences can be tough. How did you approach that challenge, and what did you learn from that experience?


Todd: It was tough.  Success depends on the energy of each crowd, and if they relate to your style of comedy.  Also, you can only refine your material by being in front of an audience. It could take some time to perfect a joke.


QFTD: At this point in your career, why did you choose to earn a Master’s in Business Administration? How do you plan to use this degree to maximize your productivity within the frame of your company?


Todd: I graduated with my MBA from St. Joe’s in December 2012.  I earned this degree to progress through corporate America or to run my own business.  Already possessing a BA in English, I felt like I needed a more powerful tool to advance my career. Since I've fallen in love with writing and producing films, I will use my MBA to assist in launching TinMan Solutions in the right direction.  


QFTD: Describe some of your short films or a web series you've produced. How do you generate such creative ideas to put on film? 


Todd: I have an ongoing web comedy series called The Corporate Brother. This project is unique because it tackles issues of race in a humorous way.  The web series has led to a short film to be showcased at film festivals in 2013.


The series is a comedy about a young black man named Bill who tries to survive and adjust in corporate America.  He learns to cope with being “different” than his co-workers, while at the same time being the best employee he can be.  Fellow employees don’t know how to interact with him without saying or doing inappropriate things. He tries to manage fitting in without losing his black identity.


I got the idea for this series after many years in corporate America and all the experiences I had as one of the few blacks in the office.  I believe in the project because it’s the first show set in an office with a black lead character.  


I think I get my creativity from my parents and from being an only child.  At an early age, I had to develop an imagination to keep myself entertained.


QFTD: Tell us about any up-coming projects you have in the works. What motivates you to keep going in such a competitive market?


Todd: I am working on episode 6 of The Corporate Brother, which should be out by September 1.  In 2014, I hope to release a love story called Shattered Fairytale.  It's a story about contemporary black love.  I also have another web series in pre-production called The Life and Times of Tyrone Smallwood.


I would love for all my efforts to lead to an opportunity of a lifetime. All I can do is continue working hard, improve my craft, and keep the faith.







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