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Tracy Glassey

Interview by Uriah Young



QFTD: Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Tracy Glassey?

Tracy: I am very creative and intuitive, which spills over into my writing. I have written gift books, children’s books, articles in various children’s magazines and a novel. Writing is my passion and it is my goal to inspire and connect with readers all around the world.


QFTD: Why is the story within your book, Trip the Light Fantastic, so important to you?

Tracy: As readers follow Abbey’s path, they find that the human experience is a learning ground for every soul, and each person is charged with getting to the root of his or her soul’s truest calling and desires. The common thread of learning through each chapter is that of life’s purpose to honor one’s self, gather experience, evolve the soul, and learn to love unconditionally. However short or long one’s time on earth, there is a reason and purpose for each soul’s journey. To create your destiny, follow your heart and be you!


QFTD: Share a little about your protagonist and the plot.

Tracy: Her name is Abigail Marie Gray. She is a dance instructor whose life tragically ends at age thirty-four. She is welcomed to the other side – in a room of pure white – by her guardian angel, a brown book with gold accents, a movie screen, and a remote control. With no recollection of her death, the reel commences as Abbey and her guardian angel, Michael, focus on her last year on earth.


During this year, we follow a journey of new-found love and a magical friendship with a spiritual intuitive who owns the town’s apothecary shop. Acting as a mentor, this prestidigitator helps Abbey decipher the dreams that have been haunting her sleep ever since she bought the ‘must have’ picture of a dancing couple from the local antique shop. He also teaches her through many means to be aware of spiritual signs and synchronicity, as well as the importance of living her life’s truth.


As the reel of Abbey’s life plays out, she and Michael embark on this visual journey together, while Michael carves a wooden sculpture and offers her heavenly wisdom about life’s fragility, opportunity, and purpose.


QFTD: As you worked toward completion of the book, what was the writing process like for you?

Tracy: I started with a mental picture of my characters and a very brief beginning, middle, and end. Writing Trip the Light Fantastic has been both a challenging and totally amazing journey for me.


QFTD: What inspires you to write?

Tracy: Things that happen in my life inspire me. Other people’s stories, music, my creative mind… are all inspiring to me. There is this little researcher inside of me that just absolutely loves to learn new things. So, writing just naturally follows. Ya never know when inspiration hits but whenever it does….I grab my pen and paper.


QFTD: Any favorite books? Who are a few authors you admire and why?

Tracy: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, is my favorite book because it urges readers to courageously follow their dreams. I admire Paulo Coelho because a common thread through most of his writing teaches of finding the treasure within ourselves in this journey called life ~ a philosophy that I too believe in. His book, The Warrior of the Light, is also a personal favorite of mine. I also like Nicholas Sparks – both his books and adapted films. I love romance and he is a master at writing a good love story.


QFTD: If you could offer some advice to an aspiring writer, what would you say?

Tracy: Never, ever, ever… give up – on yourself, on your writing, on what you want to say, or on what you believe in. If there is a story inside of you – embrace it... honor it… write it… and celebrate it! ♥

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